Embedded Analog Sensing

Supercomputers of the past are now the size of mobile phones, yet the healthcare industry is full of larger than life size equipments. With the help of miniaturized electronics, we're working on delivering the same performance at point of care settings

Reflectance Photometry

The principle of photometric sensing is relatively a newer optical sensing principle. Our proprietary reflectance photometry system based upon modified Kubelka-Munk Theory can perform immensely precise quantitative analysis for very low concentrations of various reagents, such as blood, serum or solutions. Our system can specifically work well with dry reagent chemistry based sensing carried over porous or semi-porous metrices and platforms.

Absorbtion Photometry

The principle of absorption photometry is the oldest spectrometric principle for qualitative and quantitative analysis and measurements. We have developed a highly miniaturized handheld absorption photometry setup that can effectively replicate the accuracy of a spectrometer while being very tiny in size. Here is a matchbox sized absorption photometry device demonstrating the quantitative analysis of a dye in a micro-channel.

Micro-optics Imaging

Traditionally, optical imaging has always been bulky, complicated and expensive. We have been successful in designing and fabricating micro-optics based very compact bright field, fluorescence and multi-objective imaging platforms that can be used for variety of image sensing applications in the field of medical diagnostics, environment sensing and food biosensing. Our incredibly powerful imaging platforms can deliver micron level resolutions, very high depth of focus, fast AI based image processing and digital optical switching, while still maintaining size small enough to fit in a pocket.

Electrochemical Sensing Platform

Designing highly accurate analog sensing instrumentation for carrying out electrochemical operations is challenging. The challenge increases multifold if the physical size is needed to be reduced. We have been successful in developing a penny sized electrochemical sensing instrumentation that can perform very high speed and ultra-accurate complex electrochemical measurements.